Who to update your address with after a move


One of the activities which many of us perform at least once in our lives is change our addresses. This move can be for personal or professional reasons. You may relocate to a different city for a job or to be closer to someone or something that you care about. Whenever you make this type of change, it is important to inform the relevant authorities and stakeholders about it. To ensure a smooth transition, there are a number of elements which you should address as you change location. Here is what to look out for when changing addresses, a quick checklist from https://www.change-of-address-online.com/addresschange/usps-change-address/.

Ensure that you inform all the important stakeholders

There are a number of firms who you need to inform whenever you move from one location to another. Here they are.

Your post office

This is the first stakeholder that you need to inform about a move because they handle your mail. It is necessary to inform them about your move for you to keep getting letters at your new address. You can inform your post office about the move by heading over to their local office and filling in a special form. You can also log into the main post office website and fill in a digital version of the form. After you have indicated your new address, remember to request for mail forwarding.

The tax collection agency

Every adult citizen should pay their taxes. Tax agencies have databases of citizens’ details. Whenever you move from one location to another, your information should be updated. As such, when you move from one location to another, ensure that you update this data. Tax agencies have dedicated website portals where you can log in and perform the update.

Your credit card companies

These are some of the most important stakeholders to inform about your move. Doing this allows them to send you credit card updates to your new home. Many of these companies provide a detailed procedure in their websites on how to send your new address details. Ensure that you inform them so as to handle your credit successfully.

Your bank

Some of the most important information that a bank has about its depositors is their addresses. Whenever you move from one city to another, ensure that you inform your bank. You can visit their website or nearest branch for this purpose. This ensures that you keep gaining smooth access to your checking accounts and other financial resources such as investment accounts and retirement funds.

Utility companies

This is a very important step to take. Make sure that you inform your utility companies about a move. This gives you an opportunity to arrange for the provision of utilities in your new address. As you update them about your move, ensure that you schedule the shut off at your old address for the end of your moving day. As such, you will still have access to utilities during the moving process.


There is a number of factors which you need to address as you move. One of these is informing the stakeholders in your life. The most important ones are indicated above. In addition to these, inform friends and family about your move as well.