The trouble of moving addresses

We have all found ourselves in this situation- you are moving into a different state, town, or a different side of the city. This may happen due tojob requirements, family needs or at worst, family break-ups necessitating you to start an entirely new life somewhere else. Many who have experienced it will have an idea of why it’s tough to keep moving homes. What makes so many people fear and shy away from this undertaking when you have


The most nuisance part about this is parking your breakable and even oddly shaped items. This will involve trying to fit them in a snug and wrapping them with newspapers. The most challenging part about this is packing daily those items which you will need since you will have to ensure that they are packed last and at the top Items getting lost and being broken

Sometimes against your wish, you will break something valuable to you as you move. As you will soon realize, not all homes are alike, and it is possible that you will not find a place to place some of your current valuables. You are even likely to lose items of high value if you choose a moving company which is not competitive.

Challenges of moving large furniture

The best way to move large furniture and other items is hiring a moving company. However, this is not generally afforded to many. In such case, you will struggle much with the beds, cabinets, desks among others. You may even find yourself hiring a person or two to assist you in the moving.

Furniture not fitting in New Home

The hardest and probably the most painful thing about moving is that you may have to sell some furniture or give them away for not needed in your new home. Again, not all homes are alike and equal in size, and their unpredictability affects the moving person much.

Challenges of maintaining two households

This challenge faces those who buy a new home without first selling their current home. This will make one have two mortgages to pay for, and other sets of utilities. It is also hard to control both houses, besides keeping them in good shape

Caring for people and Pets

If you have small children, this challenge is imminent. This is because you may be forced to organize for their separate movement together with any family pet you have. If the distance is extended, the process is tiring and not safe for the kids. Again, it will be expensive.

Acquiring new driving license and Registrations

Some states require that you renew your driving license or change it all together. The registration of the car plate is mandatory in some countries, which is not only expensive but also tiresome. Some real estate companies have complicated paperwork that will take most of your time.

Challenge of transferring your utilities

You will have to turn on and off some of the local services. In a case where your agent is not well versed in the procedures, you may find yourself spending extra time and money to sort this issue.


Those are some of the challenges which accrue to someone who is moving home. That’s why it’s tough to keep moving homes. Although most of them can be solved by having a supportive and competitive moving company, one needs to be prepared to face them.