How to get a social security card replaced same day

It is very important that you take necessary steps to get a replacement for your social security card on the same day, especially if it was lost, or damaged. The longer you wait to replace a lost social security number the easier it is for scammers to steal your identity and commit fraud with your social security number. Once you replace your social security number on the same day, all information on the old social security card will be automatically transferred to the new card before the old one is blocked.

How to get a social security card replaced same day ( – what to do:

There are two documents you need to provide if you want to get your social security card replaced same day, these are; Proof of date of birth and proof of citizenship. If the card was stolen or lost, then you must provide an identity card, along with a proof of citizenship. In order to prove your identity, you can submit a Driver’s license or an identity card issued for a non-driver within the state you have been living for the past 1 year. Some states will accept a US passport as a form of identification.

If you can’t find any of those specific documents required, then the social security service providers may ask for documents such as; Employer ID, your student ID card (issued by your current school), Your Health Insurance card (this is not a Medicare card), or a United States Military ID card (if you belong to a military organization). In order to prove your age, you are expected to bring your birth certificate, but if that is not available, social security may accept a religious information or record showing your birth date since age 5, or a hospital record that has your date of birth, or a United States of America Passport. If you have been residing outside of the US, then you must tender any record that proofs that you have been residing outside of the USA for a specific period of time.

You need to make sure that all the documents are original or certified copies issued by the agencies. You should keep in mind that the Social security will not accept photocopies or notarized documents.

Sorting out the necessary documents as early as possible is very important if you must get your social security card replaced same day. There are several options you can take in order to get your social security card the same day but the fastest one is to take all your documents and go to the nearest Social Security Authority (SSA) close to you, and you will be given an SS-4 to fill. Submit the filled SS-4 form along with your supporting documents and you will only need to wait for a couple of hours before the new social security card is issued. You may be directed to come later in the day if you can’t wait for the issuance of the new card. You may also submit your documents by mail or online alongside the SS-4 form, but the fastest option is to apply in person at the SSA office nearest to you.