Email Marketing Basics

Email marketing is the act of sending commercial electronic mail to a group of people. In general any message sent to potential clients, current client or an advertisement done through email is considered email marketing.


What is a Cold Email

Cold email is an email sent to possible client that has had no previous affiliation with you. Most of cold email senders use personalized emails through cold email software like RooJet so as to get the clients attention but unfortunately 80% of this emails end up in the spam and never get the attention required. When you are engaging on your cold email marketing there are several things that one has to put into consideration that most people don’t hence in this article we are going to talk about the dangers of cold the dangers of cold email marketing to both the receiver and sender of the email.


i. Violation of Mail Servers TOS

Most of email marketers sent their emails to bought email list. In most cases they in violation of their email senders TOS. Most hosts have requirements and stipulation of sending bulk or SPAM mails. Thus most of your emails will not be sent and you may be in violation of your mail servers TOS.


ii. Deception

Email marketers are deceptive, deception is not a good way to start a relationship with your potential clients. A classic example is the us of “RE:” on the subject to sent a message to a person you’ve never met nor had prior conversations with, this will automatically get the spam filters tripped. Senders should recognize the dissimilarity of deception and intrigue. Phrases like “your bank status” or “the conference you missed” aren’t creative. They’re ways to cause panic, which is going to annoy the client once they read the email and realize that the message merely asks for a subscription to a newsletter.


iii. Security Risk

Some of the emails may contain scripts that will require installation and this most of the times comes with viruses so installing them may be a risk to your computer. Other scripts/attachments may require to be opened with an application that you have not installed in you computer which is not ideal for most consumer.


iv. Infringement of Personal Information


Cold emails are sometimes unprofessional, you might think that you are being spied on or stalked. It might also seem to convey a lack of trust from your side. For example you might get an email asking you for your credit card details.


v. Promotion of Illegal Content

Cold email marketing can be used to market illegal content like explicit sexual content and other illegal stuff without a way to trace them back to their promoters. This will in turn generate some interest to the product from the clients hence end up looking for it.


vi. Mistrust

Leads to mistrust from the client side because most of the clients don’t exactly know the marketers ended up with their email addresses and names so its hard to get those clients to open up accounts in places that require their information.



Although cold email marketing is a great way of generating leads and getting validation of future business ventures, there are several dangers of cold email marketing which should be put into consideration before starting your cold email outreach.