What is a ducted air-conditioner

Most homes have air conditioner. For some people, air conditioner may be a luxury thing, but for many, it is a necessity because of the warm climates. Air conditioner has function to maintain humidity in a room. Air conditioner also cool the room air during hot season and help heat the room air during winter. Air conditioner also has function as ventilation. Helps maintain air regulation. It moves heat from inside the room to the outside, thereby cooling the room. Air conditioner has motor to run the compressor and gives energy to start the machine. There are two types of air conditioner, that is ducted air conditioner and ductless air conditioner. Both of them have different function. But some people do not know what is a ducted air conditioner.

What is a ducted air conditioner – by Snowman ducted air conditioning installation

Ducted air conditioner is also known as central air conditioning. So all rooms are conditioned uniformly with one air conditioner. The air conditioner sets in a central location to setting all rooms at the same temperature. Maybe it is not effective for saving energy, but it is good to get uniform environment in a large building during a day.

There are some benefits in using ducted air conditioner.

1. you can control all the rooms in the building at same temperature environment during summer or winter. It is easy to control, because it is located in the central. Just set the temperature, and all the rooms will have the same environment as you like

2. you will get good air distribution. You will not find hot or cold spot in the building. All the rooms have the same temperature and have the same condition.

3. a ducted air conditioner covers very large range. There are some types of ducted air conditioner, with single or three phase. It depends on size of the building. The larger your building, the bigger cooling capacity you need. Find the perfect ducted air conditioner model for your building by seeing size and style of your building.

4. You do not have to worry about the noise from your air conditioner. You can place ducted air conditioner anywhere you want, because it is the quietest air conditioner. You can place the equipment outside your house if you afraid its noise will disturb you. Or you can place it under the floor and it will not give noise.

5. It is cheaper to install ducted air conditioner rather than install the other type. You only need one equipment for all rooms in your building. If you choose ductless air conditioner, you need to install the system in every room. And it will intrude the overall look of your rooms.

If you have a large building, ducted air conditioner is the right choice for you. it is easy to control and provides you with the convenience of uniform environment that is suited to your condition. You only need cheaper prize for all rooms in your building. Just relax and enjoy your day with perfect temperature