Dangers of Ignoring SEO

Ignoring Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) always costs you. Whether you pay in time, money, or visibility there are going to be several advantages to this integral new media marketing tool that you can’t risk missing out on. This is particularly vital for new businesses, which often have difficulties with visibility and gaining a good name. Even the best service in the world from a seo company is no good unless it can be seen.

What is SEO?

SEO is a series of practices involving the use of keywords, correct placement and timing of content, and the use of appropriate language in order to ensure that a business is favourably placed on search engines. Particular emphasis being placed on Google, for obvious reasons. This involves regularly publishing content on your site which is on topic, relevant, and involves the correct keywords so, should anyone search those common keywords for your subject matter, you will appear on or near the top.

Benefits of SEO

First of all there’s the simple increase in traffic. With all the many competing businesses out there being seen presents problems, and opportunities, like never before. There are hundreds of sites online that perform the same service you do, but there is also a global marketplace out there for anyone who can correctly take advantage. Keeping yourself relevant is something you can’t afford not to do. In addition to visibility your business benefits from the trusted reputation of Google. The truth is no one goes past page two on Google if they can avoid it.

But I Already Advertise!

There are several differences between SEO and traditional advertising, and there are dangers to ignoring SEO in favour of regular ads. The simple and most obvious difference being that SEO is free, and effective. With a little knowledge and guidance, you can build yourself some basic SEO content that will boost your market share without costing a cent. This means you can spread your good name online with a high return on minimal investment. Any publicity you can gain without paying for ads is money left on the table. In addition, SEO rankings don’t sleep. While a regular ad works in certain places at certain times SEO is all over the world twenty-four seven.

Risks of Hesitation

It can take time to boost your SEO ranking to a place where you will see major benefits, but every day you aren’t doing it is a day someone else is. The positioning on a search engine is competitive. You gain is everyone else’s loss and vice versa. If you get in early you can take a leading position that might otherwise be occupied by a lesser service that took the right steps earlier. It’s a hard fact of
life that quality sometimes loses to marketability, but it’s a reality you need to adjust to.

Ignorance of SEO always costs. Whether the price is money, time or visibility not getting ahead of the market will come back to bite you if you aren’t careful. Act now and gain a better spot in the rankings. Take the spot you belong in, before someone else does.