Cybersecurity services

Have you ever experienced a weird and different website display on your computer? or receive negative comments on your good looking Facebook or Instagram profile picture? this is not just a normal occurrence but a serious crime that has risen to prominence over the years. Many organizations have lost unbelievably huge amounts of money through hacking. All of the examples given above have been committed by online criminals. When you are seated at your computer or laptop screen, you are not safe since your computer is a medium of cybercrime. Online lifestyles being part of us, you have to be keen on your personal accounts, business websites or even websites of an organization you work for. Detecting cyber crimes can be done earlier and even prevented with the help of The Scarlett Group before they spoil your reputation.
How do you detect your computer is under attack?

Whenever you see funny or weird link pop-ups, don’t rush to open them. They can be really dangerous to your computer. These links are designed with a luring display to the eye.
Ghost account management. You may be logged off from your email or social media accounts and then surprisingly they are being operated. These are probably hackers in your accounts. Since credentials are personal, access to your account is wrong and may leave you in a mess.
Helping you in case of a cybercrime?
You can be victimized. Don’t avoid to use the internet because you will lose a lot. Know we can help you solve the problems and continue enjoying your online life.
Here is what we do:
Come for updated antivirus: With your computer installed with an antivirus, any form of attack is blocked leaving it safe for use. Getting a new and updated antivirus will enable you to have the safety you need.
Get protection advice: With our specialists available and ready to talk with you, you are assured of protection. We will give you protection measures such as keeping your passwords unpredictable and strong, constant changing of your passwords and websites prone to cybercrime attacks. Creating time and coming to get information will surely not go to a waste but we assure information that will keep you safe and comfortable.
Website transformation: Constant changes to your website services will keep your computer safe. Since there has been a higher cybercrime rise in 2018, it is advisable that you seek more transformation to counter the challenge. We assure you of every update you need for your safety whenever you are online.
Setting your computer systems: By having all your systems set appropriately, there is a chance of security. If your organization is under threats of cybercrime, we will be at your doorstep ensuring your servers are well set and maintained to keep your organization going smoothly.
Before you get to the point of coming for our services, take into considerations the importance of keeping your computer safe. You won’t like it losing credibility after a porn link is shared on your facebook account or your organization losing a lot of funds! Prevention is better than waiting to be victimized. Stay safe.