Best ways to use a DJI Mavic Pro


The Mavic Pro was built for adventure, so get out there and have one! And film yourself doing it.


Film an outdoor sport

One awesome use for your new DJI Mavic Pro is to film yourself or your friends doing an outdoor sport like mountain biking, hiking, snowboarding, skiing, surfing, or road cycling.

Use ActiveTrack mode to follow your subject automatically so you can be free to focus on recording the awesome action. There are 3 different types of ActiveTrack modes, so play around with this feature until you find the one that best suits the sport you are going to film. If you’d like, read the DJI Mavic Review to learn more before purchasing the expensive drone.


Try Sport Mode to get your drone moving up to 40 mph. This makes it easy to track your subject in the middle of a quick activity. One cool shot to try is the “pullback” if you’re filming your subject in a fast-moving sport like surfing, snowboarding, or cycling. Start close to your subject, then fly backward as they come down the mountain or trail or ocean wave. Then accelerate as you zoom out to reveal more of their surroundings. It makes for a really cool sequence.

When you’re ready to land, just press Return to Home, and your Mavic Pro will return to you, even dodging any possible obstacles along the way.


If you’re shooting in really bright sunlight, like trying to capture your surfing or water skiing friend, get a set of ND filters. These act almost like sunglasses for your camera, preventing too much light from reflecting, and helping you get crisp images.


Take amazing travel photos and videos

Don’t go on vacation without your Mavic Pro. Take it along and use it to capture unique aerial images of your surroundings, or shoot video of your adventures. Use it to shoot epic long-shots of video down the beach, or fly it high above the canyon you are exploring. Capture shots of your surroundings you could never get with a camera. And if you do any outdoor sporting or hiking, you know what to do! Put it in sport mode and start shooting.


One awesome feature of the DJ Mavic Pro is that it is so easy to transport. All folded up, it is about the size of a water bottle. And it is ready to go in less than 2 minutes. This makes it the perfect travel companion for documenting all of your journeys and adventures.


Start Exploring

Not sure what to shoot or how to get started? After you’ve gotten your Mavic Pro all setup and ready to go, just start out on some test runs. Make sure you’ve got at least 10 feet around you on all sides, and start flying. Try practicing in a wide, open field. Get a feel for the controls and for taking photos or video while flying. In order to make some amazing videos, you first need to have a great handle on how to operate your drone. Remember that drones crash most often not because of obstacles, but because of user impatience. Go slow and take your time. You can build up to more complicated maneuvers and shots as you get more practice.