Basics of Roof Maintenance

Maintenance is an important aspect of home ownership. From your home’s roof to the home’s foundation it is important that your home is kept up on. Often time’s homeowners overlook the maintenance that needs to be done on their roofs.

There are several steps to take to prevent the decay of your asphalt shingle roof. Below you will find several Tips on how to maintain a clean roof.

One of the first things that you will want to do when maintaining your roof is to clear any and all debris. Anything that has built up behind heating and cooling units, pipes or other parts protruding from the roof needs to be removed to prevent moisture build up and the growth of moss.

Debris soaks up water, and water saturation is the leading cause of damage in asphalt shingling. This process should be done in the spring and fall seasons.

Often times a shingle roof will quickly manifest moss and algae growth. This can happen even when homeowners are closely monitoring the condition of their roofs. If you notice this has occurred, it is easily remedied by applying zinc or lead control strips at the peak.

After this is done check all flashing for holes and algae and moss growth. This should carefully be removed. If you notice any shingle tabs that have loosened secure them by adding roofing cement. Any shingle that is broken or damaged should be removed and replaced with a new one.

This will help prevent damage from occurring underneath the shingle and seeping into the structure underneath.

If your home has gutters, it is important that they are kept clean, and downspouts are clear. This helps to ensure proper water flow control. Tree branches that overhang the roof should be trimmed to help prevent branches and debris from falling into the gutters.

Gutter cleaning should be done at least two times a year. Any time you visually see debris take the time to clean the gutters as improperly draining gutters can take years off of the lifetime of your shingle roofing.

Maintaining your homes roof is often simple and just a matter of knowing how your climate affects the shingles. Asphalt shingles are meant to thrive in the northern climates. They are resistant to heat, humidity, cold, ice and water. With periodic checks and minor maintenance, your shingle roof should have a solid lifetime.

It is recommended that you replace or repair old and damaged tiles, shingles immediately. Also, clean the gutters so that the growth of moss and mildew can be prevented. Another good way to prevent the formation of moss and fungus on the roof is to install zinc roof protector strips along the roof ridge. With the flow of water on these strips, zinc oxide is formed. It forms a protective coating that stops the growth of algae, moss, etc.

To check your roof against water damage, you need to minutely observe your roof. A simple indication of water damage is the presence of dark stained areas on the wood. These spots can be noticed around openings, nails or other roof components. Make sure that you repair these damages at the earliest.

Maintenance is the key to preventing major issues in and outside of your home. Small activities to maintain your home are much simpler and less expensive than the more complicated costly repairs once something does fail.

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